Saturday, April 12, 2008

Party startage

Dinner party. Twenty people. Pleasantries dispensed with. Yawns stifled. Then not. You bitchslap the urge to spill something accidentally-on-purpose into the lap of the person next to you. You wish someone would scream. Guffaw. Belch. Fart. Sink a carving fork into a hand.

I've been there. So have you. Now just remember.

What follows will be questions. I'll post them one at a time. They'll be the kind of questions that save dead dinner parties. I'll ask the questions at first, and I'll answer them, too -- and I hope you'll do the same (just use the comments area below each post).

I also hope you'll turn other people on to this. We'll see how they answer, too.

So pass the carving fork and let's get this party started.

1 comment:

Linda L. Richards said...

Tuning fork, not carving fork.

As long as we understand one another.