Sunday, April 13, 2008

Turnabout #2

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who believe there are two kinds of people in the world, and those who don't.

But more to the point... If you're reading this, you're at a computer of some kind. Which begs a new question:

Mac or PC?

Me? Mac...and nothing but.


Hart said...

Mac today...but probably PC tomorrow ;)

Linda L. Richards said...

You make a terrible assumption. You assume some type of computer interface. What you don't know: after all of the time I have logged on my machines over the years, I went ahead and had it all hard-wired into my biological system. A computer is no longer required. I just think real hard and BOOM here I am.

OK. Sorry. I just wanted to say it. Someone had to. I decided it would be me. Which I guess means the real answer is self-evident, am I right?

Mac. Of course.

bari said...

PCs may be less user friendly but are more cost effective for the "average person". Well, no, that's not right, I am so much better than average, but in terms of computers, well, that's another story. Just like VHS beat out BetaMax, it doesn't mean that the more expansive selection in the PC world means it's a superior product, just more to choose from.

Kirk LeCompte said...

Why choose? Why not have both? It's not about the OS anyway. Do you know what OS your phone runs? Of course not. It's about the experience, the utility, the enjoyment. It's becoming the same with desktop computers, which now have to be phones, TVs, and publishing houses too. Apple packs more of the creative experience onto their computers than anyone else, but Windows has more for your left-brain activity. So don't be so binary about the binary world. Have both and satisfy all your needs.

Jade said...

I'm Mac all the way. Sometimes, late at night, I have a Big Mac attack and have to stay glued to my computer watching trashy You Tube videos and such.

I think the whole notion of "Never trust anyone over 30" more applies today to "Never trust anyone who likes PCs". Though my sister-in-law's house is chock full of them. And I do trust them. For now....